Other ways to support

There are other ways you can support your clients as they access benefits services, including providing moral support, problem solving or making appropriate referrals to other organizations.

Explore ways your organization can help in other capacities.


Referrals are an important part of providing access to benefits support. There are many different forms of support that clients need to access benefits, and most organizations do not offer all of them.


Moral support

Clients with the skills and resources to access benefits sometimes still require moral support. They may feel overwhelmed by the process, not confident that they will get the benefit, or alone and frustrated.


Language support

Many people face language barriers throughout the process of accessing benefits. This is often heightened by the technical language used by benefits systems and the taxation system.


Systems advocacy and problem solving

Navigating the complex bureaucracies and processes involved in benefits systems can be challenging and may deter people from even trying.


Legal support

There are some benefits issues that require the support of a trained legal professional, such as appealing a denial of benefits or dealing with issues pertaining to payments or debts to the Canada Revenue Agency.


Appeals support

In general, this work should only be undertaken by staff who understand the appeals process in question and understand the implications of choices that the client may need to make (e.g., appeal or reapply).


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