Appeals support

For some benefits, if an individual’s application is denied, they may be able to appeal within a certain time period. There are different appeals processes and some (e.g., Disability Tax Credit) can be difficult to complete.

  • This work should only be undertaken by staff who understand the specific appeals process and understand the implications of choices that the client may need to make (e.g., appeal or reapply)
  • Organizations can help clients understand the additional documentation they need to obtain or what is being asked of them in the appeals process
  • If specialized legal support is needed, staff can make a referral to a legal clinic. For example, in BC, the Disability Alliance BC offers referrals and workshops to assist people with a disability to access services.
  • In many cases, particularly with disability benefits, adjudication of benefits often comes down to the discretion of individual adjudicators, who may not always have the information they need to fully understand a client’s situation or experiences. A denial of benefits is not necessarily the end of the road for a client, and you can help clients by helping them understand this fact, as well as the potential avenues available to them and the implications of the choices they face.